Learn 7 Reasons Getting Plantation Shutters Might Work For You

Plantation shutters have been popular shutter choices in many homes for a while, and even some businesses use them to stunning effect. However, what makes them so adored by so many? Keep reading to learn 7 specific benefits of them:

1) Easy Cleaning

Interior shutters often prove to be maintenance-free. Cleaning plantation shutters can be as easy as using a damp cloth to keep them free of grime, dirt, and dust. Additionally, you never have to take them down in order to clean them like many other window coverings might require. You only need a quick wipe down. These shutters have much larger surface areas as compared to venetian blinds, so they are much more easy to clean.

2) Stability And Durability

Plantation shutters prove popular for a lot of homeowners not just due to their versatility or even how stylish they are, but because of their functionality and practicality. You’re going to control your temperature and light levels with far more ease and far fewer complications. Given how easily you can use them, you’re also able to manage how much privacy you have. Plantation shutters bring everything to the table.

3) Stylish Decor

Plantation shutters have a history of popularity, and they’re a staple in many homes going back a long time. One thing that makes them fit so easily into many homes is how they match most any decor or design your home might have. Adaptable and versatile, you can go with a classical look or a modern vibe, given how many different collections of plantation shutters are out there.


plantation shutters

4) Insulation

Plantation shutters have greater insulating properties than traditional curtains and blinds. Particularly polymer foam shutters, polymer foam injected shutters will dramatically cut the heat or cold that is coming in through windows. Aaron from Design Plantation Shutters says “polymer foam is basically the same material they use on ‘eskys’ or ‘ice-boxes’ and so these shutters have amazing insulating qualities”.

5) Energy Efficiency

Shutters make great insulation and they also deflect sunlight. You can keep your energy bills much lower when there are shutters installed.

6) Easy Installation

When you use a plantation shutter installation service, things should be simple. It’s also not that hard for you to do yourself if you want. In either case, these popular shutters are easily installed onto your home. No matter the style, length, or width you choose, the installation should wind up being a perfect addition to your property.

7) Ventilation

Plantation shutters aren’t just adjustable for privacy or controlling how much or little light comes in, because you can also do something else. You can just open up your windows, let air start flowing in, and then adjust your shutters to make the most of ventilation while still having privacy. You can do that with blinds, but open windows with blinds mean the blinds get rattled from air flow. Solid plantation shutters just aren’t going to do this.