Do you have a small wardrobe or a cozy closet? If so, this article is for you. It offers the latest wardrobe hacks to maximize your storage space.

Step One- Divide and Conquer

If your wardrobe is contained in drawers or on shelves, it can be difficult to keep your clothing items separated. However, shelf dividers can help keep your t-shirts separate from your blouses, pants and more. These provide a barrier between each type of clothing to help you keep your wardrobe organized. You can pick shelf dividers up at your local storage shop or make your own from materials laying around your home.

Step Two- Think Outside of the Box

Your clothes do not have to be stored in a wardrobe or closet. You can use hooks on your closet or bedroom door to hang jewelry, scarves, shoes and belts. Another option is to store your off-season clothing in vacuum seal bags or airtight containers under your bed to free up storage space.

Step Three- Box It Up

Did you know know that you can use shoeboxes to help organize your clothing? Place your underwear, t-shirts, gym gear, socks and accessories in individual shoe boxes to keep your space organized. To make finding your items easy, label each box.

Step Four- Stack Your Shoes

Shoe racks are a great way to keep your shoes organized. Shoe racks that allow you to stack two or three layers of shoes on top of one another is a great way to maximize your storage.

Step Five- Add Rods

If you have a wardrobe or closet with only one clothing rod, consider adding another to double your storage space. Professional wardrobe installers like Pro Built In Warbrobes Sydney will have a range of hanging rods for you to choose from.

Step Six- Learn to Fold and Stack Your Clothing Properly

Knit items, such as t-shirts, blouses and sweaters, should be folded to prevent hanger bumps. If you have deep shelves, store your out of season clothing and shoes behind your in-season clothing to maximize your space.

Step Seven- Be Clever by Using DIY Hacks

There are a great number of DIY hacks that you can use to maximize your space in your closet or wardrobe. For example, you can use a shower curtain ring to hand ties or scarves. Hooks are another great way to add storage space. You can use a soft drink tab to hand two coat hangers. Simply slip one end of the coat hanger over the tab and then hang another coat hanger on the other hook. Finally, you can add storage space above your closet by adding an extra shelf or two or storing off-season clothing in suitcases.

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Step Eight- How to Store Handbags

Store your handbags on a shelf rather than hanging them. When you hang a handbag up, the handles can stretch out. You can stuff your handbags with tissue to help them hold their space. When you want to use your a handbag, simply remove the tissue and place it in the space where your handbag is stored. To help keep your handbags upright, use bookends.

If you must hang your handbags, wrap the straps in tissue paper and use an over the door coat rack. It is also useful for hanging hats and other accessories.

Step Nine- Organizing and Storing Your Accessories

Towel racks are a great place to hang your scarves. Hang two towel racks on the back of your closet door or on your wall to hang your accessories.

Purchase some hooks and line the inside of your wardrobe or closet with them to hang your sunglasses, belts, jewelry and scarves. If you are having a difficult time getting your screw in your wardrobe, drill a hole first.

The aforementioned nine tips will help you maximize your storage space and organize your clothing. Use them to keep your closet organized.