Outdoor blinds have more advantages than just protecting us from sunlight and providing shade. They can also be used to create a multifunction indoor-outdoor space you can use all year round.

There are very many benefits of outdoor blinds but through discussions with our happy clients, we have narrowed down the benefits to four.

1. Keeping Insects and Leaf Debris Out

Outdoor blinds can help protect you from debris and insects which is the major reason why most people buy blinds. Insects like mosquitoes and flies can shut down an outdoor gathering. Getting something that can enclose the area will stop any early departures by guests. Aaron from Casashade says “if debris a windy days are a concern you should opt for the incredibly sturdy zip screen blinds for your patio.”

Keeping debris out will mean that the time you spend dusting, sweeping, and removing unwanted objects that may have been blown by the wind will be reduced.


2. Keeping the Weather Out

Outdoor blinds create a barrier between your outdoor area and the elements. Outdoor blinds help keep out rain, wind, and dust out. Sunscreen Mesh will help reduce the intensity of sunlight. It is believed that having blinds in the exterior of your home blocks up to 99% of UV rays and heat. Aaron from Casashade Outdoor Blinds Sydney says that their outdoor blinds fabric cuts out 95% of wind and rain.

This will not only keep your outdoor area cooler during the hot days but also reduce the costs of air conditioning by up to 75% since your home will benefit from the shade.

3. Keeping the Warmth in

Outdoor blinds can keep the heat out and also keep the heat in. Enclosing the outdoor space will make the heat from gas space heaters concentrated in the area. Therefore, you can use your outdoor area even during the cold winter months.

4. Drying Washing Outdoors during hostile weather conditions

This is very important for those people who do not have a clothes dryers. It is also important if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

With outdoor blinds, you can wash your clothes without having to worry that they many get wet again if it starts raining or flying away in the wind. The average medium sized household dryer used for only 45 minutes every day can cost up to $113.48 over the course of the year.

You can save this amount of money by having a protected space to dry your washing in. outdoor blinds are the perfect answer to saving money on utility bills and protecting you and your property against sun damage.